Creating your first quote or estimate

Quotes and estimates are often the first step towards winning new work. YourTradeBase helps you create professional, detailed quotes for your customers.

Create a new quote

  1. Create a new quote by clicking 'Quote' within the '+ New' button on your dashboard
  2. Enter the customer that this quote is for. You can add details such as a company name, the address of your customer, plus as many contact details as you like. Things like contact numbers and email addresses. When you're done, click 'Save this customer'.
  3. Next up, we choose which job this quote is for. Click 'Save this job
  4. Great! We've ready to enter the details of your quote.

TOP TIP! When save the name of your job make sure its something memorable you will be able to search for.  For example if you a replacing a sink for Mr Jones  you job title could be 'Jones - Sink replacement' That way when you search from your magnifying glass you can use the customers surname to search for their job.

INSERT VIDEO GUIDE HERE  - Creating a customer to make a quote 

Add and cost work items

Once you have created a job you will automatically be taken into the quote screen which should look similar to this:

YourTradebase has been set up for you with a generic introduction.  You can change this manually or if you would like to change it for all future quotes you can do so in your settings - we will come back to this later on. 

Okay so now we are ready to create your first quote!

As you scroll down the page you will get to a box that says "Give this a work title'. there are your work items.  You can choose to have one box to include the whole job or you can add numerous, individually priced items to make up the job.  Lets carry on using Mr Smith's sink replacement as an example. 

Where is says 'Give this work a title' we are going to write - Sink replacement.

Underneath where is says 'describe what you'll be doing' you can write a description of how you are going to replace the sink. 

That part is for the customer.  More more information you can give them in this section the better. 

To the right of the screen you can see there is a list with Materials, Labour, price.  Here we can price our work item and include any markup all concealed in one price for the customer to see.  The video below is an example of how to add your materials:

INSERT VIDEO GUIDE HERE - How to price a work item

What's a work item? Add as many as you need...

saving and re-using, optional items

Costing work items - materials and labour

Re-ordering work items.

Save your quote

Customise it.

What's next? Get it sent...

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