Your dashboard

Lets turn you into badass Yourtradebase users.  Knowing the system will give you superpowers and more time to spend with your family at the weekend.......

Here is the home dashboard you will see every time you log in.  This has been designed to give you a quick overview of the system within a glance:

From here you are able navigate through the system really easily.  Its worth noting that there is no one way to do this correctly,  over time you will find the flow that best suites you.  Don't worry about exploring, you can't break it - we promise!. 

In the meantime let us show you around

In the words of the sound of music "lets start at the very beginning' 

Navigation bar 

Here you will find your navigation panel which can quickly and easily moved around your system. 

Home- Will always bring you back to your dashboard

Customer - takes you to your current list of customers

Quotes - All quotes for all users can see seen here.  These can be filtered as required (see also ......Jobs - 

Jobs - All jobs fro all users can be seen here.  These can also be filtered (see also.....)

Invoices - What is says on the tin (See also ....)

Schedule - here is where you will schedule your customer appointments and installs. (see also .......)

Tasks - here you can see a list of all your tasks as well as your colleagues if you wish.  (See also ...)

The bell - is your notification centre.  If it has a red dot and you can see it making a ringing style movement then you have a notification.  Notifications will also come through your emails

The spy glass -  Use this to search within YourTradebase

Grey circle with your initials - This is your settings and account management centre (see also ....)

New button

By clicking on the green new button to the left hand side of your Home Screen you will have shortcuts to installing a new customer, job, quote, invoice or tasks.  These can also be done from the navigation bar at the top of the screen (told you there was no right or wrong way to do things!) 

Account Dashboard


This dashboard that gives you a quick, short, snapshot of what's going currently going on.  From how many quotes you are working on to how much money is currently owed.  Each of these sections will take you directly to that part of the system should you need to see more detail. 

For example - we can see here that there are 5 draft quotes worth £9,814, click on the arrow and it will take you to a list of those quotes.  Same with jobs and invoices. 

What's on Today

This section of the dash board gives you a snapshot of the tasks you have set yourself for the day.  Any overdue tasks will show at the top .

You can complete the task by clicking in the box on the left side OR of you would like to make some notes in the job prior to completing the task you can click on the blue line with the customers name.  This will take you directly to the job screen. 

Tomorrow at a glance

This screen does exactly what it says.  Gives you a snapshot of what's on for you tomorrow including any events and tasks.  To see more detail just click on the bold line.

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