Changing email templates

Email templates give you the ability to customise and personalise the emails you send most often, saving you time and keeping your business consistent.

How do email templates work?

Email templates can be setup for the emails you send most regularly in YourTradebase:

  • Sending quotes
  • Following-up quotes
  • Sending invoices
  • Sending invoice payment reminders
  • Sending invoice statements
  • Confirming visits with your customers

When you send an email that has a template, the subjectbody and any attachments from the template are filled in and ready for you to edit or make changes to before you hit send.

How to use email templates

Email templates are automatically used when you send a new email to a customer. 

You can make any changes to your email before you send it.

How to make changes to your email templates

Email templates are managed from Settings > Email templates

To update a template:

  1. Click 'Edit template' for template you want to change
  2. You can update any or all of the following:
    • The subject of the email
    • The body or content of the email
    • Any attachments you want to add to the email. These will automatically be attached when you create the email.
  3. When you’re happy with the template, click ‘Save this template‘ to save your changes.

When entering your email subject or body, you can choose to enter tags which will dynamically insert content. Tags allow you to personalise your emails with relevant content and data. Learn more about tags.

You can also setup a personalised email signature that will be added to the bottom of your emails. See Adding an email signature for help on setting up your email signature.

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