Capturing extra customer info

Extra customer info helps you keep track of any specific info you need for your customers. 

Want to keep note of how a customer heard about you, what kind of boiler they’ve got or when it next needs servicing? Extra info can help!

Setting up extra customer info

  1. Visit Settings > Customers
  2. Click on 'Add some extra customer info
  3. Type in the name of the info you’d like to capture, for example "Boiler type", "How they heard about us" or "Favourite biscuits". 
  4. Select 'Save extra info'

Add as many extra info fields as you need.

Here’s that in action:

Adding extra info to customers

When you create – or edit – a customer, you'll be able to store details as extra info. Just enter the details you need.

You can also add extra info on-the-fly when creating or editing customers – just select '+ Add more' to setup new extra info fields.

Viewing extra customer info

Any extra info you've added for your customers will be displayed when you view that customer:

Changing extra info for your customers

You're free to update and change the extra info for your customers at any time – just visit the customer and select 'Change details'.

You can also change the name for your extra info fields, or remove them completely, by visiting  Settings > Customers and selecting 'Edit'.

To remove an extra field, select edit then 'Actions (…)' > 'Delete'.

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