Requiring a signature when customer accepts a quote

Request that your customers provide a signature when accepting their quote.

How to request a signature

When sending your quote, just select the option ' must sign to accept' and we'll include a box for them to sign online when they accept the quote. 

If the ' must sign to accept' option is turned on, your customer must provide a signature in order to accept the quote online.

You can choose to turn this option on or off each time you send a quote, and we'll remember that setting for the next time.What your customer will see

If you've requested a signature for your quote, here's what your customer sees:

What happens when they sign?

Once your customer signs and accepts their quote, we'll send you an email to let know and include an image of their signature.

You can also view their signature when accessing the 'quote accepted' message directly in YourTradebase:

Changing the message you display when accepting a quote

Visit Settings > Quotes > Company quote acceptance message to change the text that's displayed when your customer accepts a quote online.

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