Adding a discount

Include a discounted amount or calculate a percentage discount on any quote, estimate or invoice.

Adding a discount percentage (%)

Discount percentages can be applied to the paperwork total paperwork.

Here's how:

  1. Within the paperwork totals, select + Add Discount 
  2. Choose the percentage discount you'd like to apply 
  3. 🎉 That's it! Each paperwork item now includes the discounted amount

HINT: You can enter a different percentage amount by selecting the "Other…" option.

To remove a percentage discount, simply select the trash can icon. Your item totals will then be re-calculated without the discount.

Adding a discount amount

Discount amounts can be applied by adding a new work item with a negative price.

Here's how:

  1. Add a blank item
  2. Give the item a title (e.g. "Discount") into the title – you can extra detail here as needed
  3. Enter a negative amount (e.g. "-100.00") as the price

That amount will then be deducted from the total as a discount (£100 in this example)

Your customer will also see the discount that's been applied clearly in their paperwork.

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