Setting up and managing auto-messages

Setting up and managing your auto-messages is easy.

Viewing auto-messages

You can see which auto-messages are set up – and set up new auto-messages – by visiting Settings > Auto-messages

You'll see a list of all the auto-messages that you can send in YourTradebase. 

If an auto-message has been set up, you'll see it what's being sent and when. 

Setting up new auto-messages

Find the auto-message you'd like to set, then select the  Set up button. 

You'll see which event and conditions will trigger the auto-message:

Choose how many days after the event you'd like the auto-message to send, and the time of day, then choose which email template you'd like to send.

When you're ready, select Set up this auto-message and you're all set.

If you'd like more auto-messages to send for the same event, just select Add another auto-message.

Now, whenever that event is triggered, your auto-message will be scheduled to send 👍

Editing auto-messages

Making changes to your auto-messages is easy:

  1. Visit Settings > Auto-messages
  2. Find the auto-message you want to edit
  3. Select Edit from the top-right
  4. Make your changes and select Save changes

And that's it! Your changes will take effect from

Deleting auto-messages

Deleting an auto-message turns it off and stops all related auto-messages that are scheduled from sending. 

  1. Visit Settings > Auto-messages
  2. Find the auto-message you want to delete
  3. Select Edit from the top-right
  4. Select Delete from the bottom-right and confirm you'd like to delete it.

Once deleted, the auto-message will no longer schedule further auto-messages to send – and any auto-messages already scheduled will no longer be sent.

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