Capturing a signature for a job

Capture a digital signature on a job sheet.

You can capture an in-person signature for any job in a few simple steps…

  1. Visit any job sheet 
  2. Select Capture signature
  3. Enter the name of the person signing, and ask them to provide their signature – on a tablet or mobile device, they can use their finger!

You'll then see who signed, when they signed, and who captured the signature on the right hand side of the job sheet.Selecting "Signature captured from…" will show you the full signature:

Showing a signature on job sheets

  1. Visit a job sheet
  2. Select Customise
  3. Turn ON option for Show captured signature

Your job sheet will now show the signature and capture details, and we'll remember these customise settings for future jobs.

Getting notified when a signature is captured

If you have team members, you can choose who gets notified when a signature is captured by visiting Settings > Notifications > Field team captures a job signature > Edit.

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