Using bulk actions on invoices

With bulk control you are be able to:
  • Mark multiple invoices as sent
  • Mark multiple invoices as paid
  • Mark multiple invoices for cancellation 

How to mark multiple invoices as sent, paid or cancelled:

  1.  In the invoice section use the search bar to find the invoices you would like to mark. 
  2. Now click on select on the right of the search bar.  This will change your screen slightly so that you can see a header "0 invoices selected" 
  3. Click on the invoices you would like to change.  Once selected they will show a green tick. 
  4. The "0 invoices selected" section at the top of the page will automatically count the number of quotes you have selected. 
  5. Once you have all of your invoices selected press on the Bulk action menu
  6. Select what you would like to do with the invoices
  7. Done!!  

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