Create an invoice for a job

There are 3 ways to create an invoice:

  1. From the dashboard select ‘New‘ > ‘Invoice
  2. From the invoices section, select ‘New invoice
  3. Visit the job you wish to invoice and select ‘New‘ > ‘Invoice

From the dashboard and the invoices section, you'll be asked to choose which customer you're invoicing, and what the job is. 

You can select an existing customer or job, or enter details of a new one.

Select an invoice amount

If the job you have chosen to invoice has a total price, you’ll be asked what amount you want to invoice:

  • Invoice the remaining balance of a job. Already created an invoice for a job? Easily invoice the balance.
  • Invoice based on job %. Need to invoice 25% of the job total? Just select which % you need and your invoice calculations will be done for you.
  • Invoice based on job items. Want to break-down your invoice to show all the items you’ve completed? Just select which to include and we’ll calculate the rest.

Change invoice details

Once you have selected which invoice option you want, YourTradebase will atomically work out the total for you. When the invoice shows on the screen you can make any changes to the work items, pricing, or details. 

Save your changes

Click ' Save this invoice' when you've made the changes you need.

You'll now see your completed invoice - ready to be sent to your customer. 

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