Adding quoted work items to a job

There are 2 ways to add quoted work items into a job:

  • Manage quoted items within a job
  • Choosing items when a quote is accepted

Manage quoted items within a job

  1. Visit your job
  2. Click on ‘work details’ - you’ll see a list of items you’ve quoted for that job.
  3. To add a quoted work item to the job, just click ‘Add or edit work items

Choosing items when a quote is accepted

When you mark a quote as accepted, we’ll check to see if the items quoted need to be added to the job.

We’ll ask you to choose which items to add to the job when:

  • There are optional items as part of the quote – or -
  • There are any existing work items for that job.

If you are asked to accept items, just click ‘ Add to job’s work items‘ for each item that needs to be added.

Those items will then appear in the job’s work items, and will be totalled to give your job a total price.

Removing work items from your job

Need to remove a quoted item from your job? Here’s how:

  1. Click ‘add or edit work items’
  2. At the bottom of the work item you would like to edit click on the trash bin symbol to remove the item
  3. The item will be removed and your job total updated.

Any quoted work items you remove from your job will appear in your quoted items list, in case you need to re-add it later.

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