Placing a job on hold

If you’ve got a job that is delayed, place it on hold and come back to it later.

How do I place a job on hold?

You can place any job on hold, as long as it hasn’t been marked as completed, lost or cancelled.

To place a job on hold, just visit the job in question and select ‘ Place job on hold‘ from the Actions menu.

You can view all jobs that are on hold from the ‘Jobs’ section – change the filter to ‘Held’ jobs and they’ll be listed for you to review.

Set a reminder for a held job

When you place a job on hold, we’ll ask you if you’d like to create a task for that job. 

This acts as a reminder to follow-up that job.

You can set any task, assign it to anyone on your team, and add any due date you choose.

For example, you might want to set a reminder in 60 days time to phone the customer to see if work can progress, or remind yourself in 30 days time to schedule the work.

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