Calculate labour costs

Enter labour costs for works items in YourTradebase.

There are 2 ways to calculate your labour costs:

Once you have entered labour costs to your quote or invoice, you can easily view the total labour breakdown, download them to PDF or print them.

Add labour costs to your work items

  1. Click on the ‘Labour‘ price field to open the labour panel field 
  2. Add as many labour items you need. For each item, you can enter
    1. description for that labour item. e.g. "Standard labour", "Out-of-hours labour", "Sub-contractor labour" etc...
    2. The number and type of units being priced e.g. 6 hours, 2 days, 45 sq. mtr... etc
    3. The rate for that unit item e.g. how much per hour, day, sq. ft. etc?
    4. Any markup you wish to apply to the labour cost.
    5. We'll calculate the total for you (total = units x unit rate + markup %)
  3. Click ‘Done‘ when you’re done. You'll see the labour total has been updated.

You can add labour costs to as many work items as you need. 

Any new labour rates you enter with a description will be saved to your labour rates price list. 

Show or hide your labour costs

Once you’ve saved your paperwork, you can select how you want labour to appear.

Click the ‘ Customise‘  button, and select from the following options:

  • Show a breakdown of labour with costs – Check both the ‘Show labour’ and ‘Show labour prices’ options
  • Show a breakdown of labour without individual costs – Check the ‘Show labour’ option and uncheck the ‘Show labour prices’ option
  • Show a summary of labour costs – Uncheck the ‘Show labour’ option and check the ‘Show labour prices’ option
  • Hide labour and include costs in quote total – Uncheck both ‘Show labour’ and ‘Show labour prices’ options

Your paperwork will be refreshed instantly to show your changes.

Customise settings are saved and automatically applied to the next quote or invoice you create.

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