How do I avoid emails going to spam folders?

Make sure emails are delivered to your customers’ inbox, not their spam or junk folder.

Why do emails end up in a spam folder?

We work hard to make sure our email servers are clean and that we’re not being classed as spam by other email servers.

But, messages can still be seen as as spam from time to time, so what makes some messages look like spam?

Take this example of an email marked as spam:

Hello [Customer name],

Please find attached invoice #132,


Most of the messages that are marked as spam by your customers’ email contain very little text, and often look like they could be spam (in this case, requesting payment for an invoice with no other details).

So, to make sure our emails aren’t marked as spam, we need to include more detail and content in the email.

Avoiding the spam folder

There are 2 ways to avoid making emails looking like spam:

  1. Add an email signature
  2. Setup email templates to include more detail

Add an email signature

Adding a signature to your email makes your email look like it’s actually sent by a real person, rather than a spambot.

Adding your name, email address, contact numbers and maybe even postal address to the bottom of your email adds credibility to your emails.

It’s also helpful for your customers – your contact details are there in the email if they need to get in touch with you.

To setup your email signature go to the grey dot with your initials, select Settings>Your Profile>Your email signature and it will be added automatically to all emails you send.

Setup email templates to include more detail

Adding more text to your emails beyond ‘Please find attached invoice #132’ is an easy way of making sure your emails don’t look like spam.

A couple of sentences with details about how to pay or what the work was for can make your email look more credible.

You can use email templates to make this easy and to include more details each time you send an invoice email.

You can also make use of tags for adding dynamic content to your templates.

An example

Here’s an example of an email that isn’t marked as spam:

Hello [Customer name],

Thank you  again for the opportunity to complete our recent works – please find attached our invoice #132 for £1,200 as agreed.

Payment terms are 7 days, and the payment methods we accept can be found at the bottom of our invoice.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Adam Austin

Austin Builders & Co. Ltd

Tel: 01234 567890


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