Schedule appointments and work dates

Schedule appointments, work dates and events with your customers.

What are events?

Schedule events to keep on top of surveys, appointments or meetings with your customers.

Scheduled events appear on your dashboard schedule and in your calendar. 

You’ll also receive a daily update reminding you of any visits scheduled for that day.

You can also send an email confirmations to your customer for any events that have been scheduled.

How to schedule a visit

You can schedule a visit for any job:

  1. View the job you want to schedule a visit for
  2. Click on the Schedule tab.  Here you will see any past or future visits that have already been scheduled.
  3. Click add to schedule for a new appointment.  
  4. Confirm which type of event by selecting the box required

5.   YourTradebase will automatically pull through the customers details however these can be edited if a different address is required.  There is also space to leave a note for your team member. 

6.  At the bottom select which team member you would like to attend the appointment

7. Select the colour you would like the appointment to show in the diary

7. Save work date.  This will then load to your schedule 

Confirming a job event via email

You can send a confirmation email to your customer by clicking ‘ Send a confirmation email‘ after creating your event.

You'll then have the chance to alter the message and add any attachments to your email confirmation.

You can automatically add details like your customer's name, and the event start and end dates using email tags. You can learn more about using email tags here.

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