Letting customers see quotes and estimates online

Let customers view your quote online, ask questions, accept it and even sign it – on any computer or device.

Here’s what your customer sees:

Sending a link to an online quote

Sending a link to your online quote is easy:

  1. Visit your quote
  2. Select the ‘Send Quotation’ button
  3. Make sure ‘See this quote online’ is selected
  4. Send the email!

Your client will receive your email message, a PDF attachment of your quote and a link to view your quote online. 

When users select the link in the email, they'll be taken to your quote, as shown above.

What happens when a customer asks a question online?

We'll forward the entire question on to you in an email, and ping you a notification in YourTradebase. 

The message will also be saved in YourTradebase so you can access the message quickly from the quote or job.

What happens when a customer accepts a quote online?

Congrats, you've had a quote accepted! 🎉 

We'll tell you the good news with an email and a notification in YourTradebase. Oh, and we'll mark the quote as accepted, too.

Can I show a custom message before a customer accepts?

Sure! Just visit Settings > Quotes and update the Quote acceptance message with your custom message.

That message will then be displayed to your customer before they accept your quote online.

Can I see what my customer will see?

Sure thing. Just preview your quote:

  1. Visit your quote
  2. Select ‘Preview
  3. You'll see what your customer sees

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