Permissions for team members

You can add different types of team members to YourTradebase, depending on what permissions you want them to have.


The person who set up the company account.

✅ Owners can:

  • Create everything in YourTradebase. The whole shebang.
  • Manage everything, including team members and account billing.

Admin team

Team members who help the owner run the business .

✅ Admin team can:

  • See all pricing, materials and labour costs. 
  • Schedule work and assign jobs to other team members.
  • Delete any jobs or paperwork.

❌ Admin team can't:

  • Change the account plan or billing details.

💡 For each admin, you choose:

  • If they can add other admins and/or field team members.
  • If they can export data to CSV (spreadsheets).
  • If they can view, add or send quotes and estimates.
  • If they can view, add or send invoices.
  • If they are able to edit other team member's notes.

Field team

Hands-on tradespeople who work on site .

✅ Field team can: 

  • View their own jobs, tasks and schedule.
  • Sync their calendar with iCalendar, Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • See job sheets for work assigned to them (owners & admins can adjust what they see).

❌ Field team can't:

  • Create, manage or view any jobs, quotes or invoices.
  • See pricing of any kind.

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