Permissions for team members

You can add different types of team members to YourTradebase, depending on what permissions you want them to have.


The account owner is the person who created the company account.

✅ Owners can:

  • Create and manage everything in YourTradebase.
  • Manage team members and account billing.


Admins are team members who can create and manage everything in YourTradebase, except for account billing or adding/removing other team members.

✅ Admins can:

  • Create, manage and view all quotes, estimates, jobs, invoices and receipts.
  • See all pricing, materials and labour. 
  • Schedule work and assign jobs to other team members.
  • Delete any jobs or paperwork.

❌ Admins cannot:

  • Change the account billing details or account plan.
  • Add or remove team members.

Field staff

Field staff can only view the jobs and work assigned to them, and cannot create paperwork or see any pricing details. You can choose what details field staff can view on their jobs sheets.

✅ Field Staff can: 

  • View jobs and appointments assigned to them.
  • View their work schedule.
  • Sync their calendar with iCalendar, Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • View job sheets for work assigned to them.

❌ Field Staff cannot:

  • Create, manage or view any jobs, quotes or invoices.
  • View prices or costs for any materials, labour or work.

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