Customer comments and accepting quotes

When you send an online quote link, your customers can ask you questions and accept your quote from their browser.

Customer questions and comments

Here’s how we deal with questions your customer has about their quote:

  1. Customer views the quote online and clicks to ‘Ask question'
  2. They type their question or comment into an email
  3. You get an email with the customers question or comment, along with a notification within YourTradebase
  4. The message is also saved in your quote and marked as ‘unread’ until you see it:

All customer messages – along with your replies – are saved with your quote. 

If you reply to your customer via email, that is also saved – and can be viewed – in your quote.

Accepting your quote online

Your customers can accept your quote by clicking the green ‘Accept’ button from their browser or mobile phone.

Here’s how they accept your quote:

  1. They choose which optional items they wish to proceed with (if any)
  2. Enter any comments, instructions or questions for you
  3. Confirm their name
  4. Agree to your terms
  5. Click ‘Accept this quote’

What happens when my customer clicks ‘Accept’?

When your customer accepts a quote, we:

  1. Send you an email letting you know your quote has been accepted, with any comments or instructions they have left for you
  2. Mark your quote as ‘accepted
  3. Send you a notification

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