Exporting invoices to CSV

GIPHYSDownload your invoices and receipts as a CSV file to review in a spreadsheet or send to your accountant.

Note: CSV export is only available on desktop or tablet (in landscape mode) browsers.

Here’s how to export your invoices and receipts into a CSV file ready for you to download:

  1. Visit the ‘invoices‘ section
  2. Filter the type of invoice you want to see. e.g. paid invoices or receipts
  3. Select ‘Choose dates‘ from the ‘filters‘ and select the time period you want to export. e.g. choose a particular month, quarter or year for your invoices.
  4. Select '' at the top-right of the screen, then ‘export to CSV‘.
  5. Your CSV file will start downloading to your computer.

Happy exporting 😀

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