Changing the look of your quotes

Change the way your quotes look using the ‘Customise‘ menu.

Customise options are automatically saved as default

Any updates you make will automatically apply to future quotes you create. So you can template how your quotes look, without having to change the settings each time.

Here's some of the things you can customise on your quote:

Layout options

  • Show company name
  • Show company contact labels (do you want to display ‘tel’, ‘email’, etc labels to your contact information?)
  • Show quote reference #
  • Show job ‘for’ address
  • Show terms on separate page
  • Show page numbers
  • Show accreditation logos
  • Upload accreditation logos (add new trade association and accreditation logos to your paperwork footer)
  • Show quote notes
  • Show quote totals

Pricing options

  • Show item prices
  • Show tax for each item
  • Show breakdown of tax
  • Show totals

Materials & Labour options

  • Show material prices
  • Show breakdown of materials
  • Show material quantities
  • Show labour prices
  • Show breakdown of labour
  • Show labour quantities

Design options

  • Choose a paperwork theme
  • Colour scheme (apply colour to your quote to match your company branding.)

Paperwork theme examples

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