Saving prices to your price list

Your services price list contains the items that you regularly use when pricing quotes and invoices.

Saving your works items to your services list means they’re quickly available to add to your paperwork in the future.

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An overview of your price list

The items you add to your price list could be:

  • An entire service (e.g. a plumber might add a ‘boiler service’ item)
  • Or a part of the work (e.g. a builder might add ‘creating foundations’, as part of a larger job)

You can add as much or as little detail to your service as you require. Details include:

  • Title of the work
  • Description of the work
  • Materials required, quantities and costs
  • Labour hours required and costs
  • Additional price for the work

You can view your price list from ' Settings > Price list'

Saving items to your services

You can add as many items to your services price list as you require.

Here’s how to add items:

  1. Visit price list from the settings menu (via your initials at the top-right of your screen)
  2. Click the ‘Add to your price list‘ button
  3. Enter the details for your service:
    • Item title: enter a title describing the service
    • Item description: enter more details about what the service entails, or any other information you want to present to your customer about the work
    • Materials: Click ‘materials‘ to open the materials panel and enter the individual materials, quantity, and prices required to complete this service. You can add new materials or select materials that you’ve previously saved to your materials list.
    • Labour: Click ‘labour‘ to open the labour panel and enter the hours and hourly rate for labour required to complete this service. You can set new rates or labour or select from labour rates you’ve saved to your labour rates list.
    • Price: enter any additional price for this service.
    • Total: automatically totals materials + labour + price for this service.
  4. Click ‘Save this item‘

This service item will then be displayed in your services price list, and available for selection when populating your quotes and invoices.

Saving to your services list from within paperwork

To save a works item and re-use it later, enter as much detail as you need to your works item and click ‘ Save to price list‘.

This will save all your descriptions, along with costings for materials and labour to your services price list.

You can save as many items as you need to your price list.

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