Adding deposits to invoices

dd and track deposit payments to your invoices and display the outstanding amount.

If you need to record a deposit payment for an invoice you have created, it’s easy to add and track the payments you have received for your invoice.

Deposits (and part-payments) can only be added to invoices which have been sent.

If you want to display a deposit that has been paid and you haven’t yet marked your invoice as sent, click the ‘mark invoice as sent‘ link. (You’ll still be able to email, download and print this invoice.)

Adding a deposit payment to your invoice

  1. Once marked as sent, the payment overview is displayed. Click the ‘Add a Payment‘ button 
  2. The add a payment window will open, enter:
    • The amount of deposit you have received.
    • The date you received the payment (optional).
    • Any notes you want to track about the payment (optional).
  1. Click ‘Add this payment

The payment you entered will be logged, and the outstanding amount of your invoice updated.

If the payment isn’t showing on your invoice after entering a payment, you might need to check the ‘Show payments received‘ option within the 'Customise' settings.

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