What happens to bounced emails?

If you send an email to your customer in YourTradebase and something goes wrong, here’s what we do:

  1. We’ll send you an email to let you know something went wrong
  2. The paperwork you sent will revert to draft
  3. A message will be displayed when you view that paperwork letting you know there was a problem

We will also tell you the response we got when trying to deliver your email. That response will be one of the several messages:


Unable to temporarily deliver message (i.e. mailbox full, account disabled, exceeds quota, out of disk space).

There’s a temporary problem with the mailbox of the person you’re trying to email.

It might be that they have a limit on the number of messages they’re allowed to receive – and they’ve hit that limit.

Your customer might not be aware that they are unable to receive emails.


The server was unable to deliver your message (ex: unknown user, mailbox not found).

Chances are that the email address is incorrect – it can’t be found by the mail server.

Double-check the address has been entered as you expect and re-send the paperwork if there is a typo in the email address.

If the email address is as expected, ask your customer to confirm their email address.


The message was delivered, but was either blocked by the user, or classified as spam, bulk mail, or had rejected content.

The email was temporarily unable to be sent. There might be a problem with the mail server you are sending to.

Try sending the email again at a later time.


The server could not temporarily deliver your message (ex: Message is delayed due to network troubles).

This usually means that your content was rejected by a mail server.

This could be due to rigid corporate policies and the receiving mail server or some bad choice of words in your email (we recommend not mentioning “viagra”) 😀

Your customer might not be aware that you sent an email and it didn’t get through.

Contact your customer and ask them if the email is in their spam folder.

Attachments too large

The total size of all file attachments must be less than 10mb.

Try compressing the files you've attached, or upload them to a cloud storage system first and then link to them.

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