How does YourTradebase work with QuickBooks?

How does connect to QuickBooks work?

If you have a QuickBooks account, connect to it and we'll keep YourTradebase invoices and payments in sync with your QuickBooks account – automatically. No more double data-entry for you!

What data is sent to QuickBooks? 

All the invoices and payments you create in YourTradebase will be sent to your connected QuickBooks account and kept in-sync.

Here's what we sync with QuickBooks:

  • Any invoices you create after connecting to QuickBooks
  • Changes to invoices
  • Changes to the status of your invoices (such as marking it sent, fully paid, or cancelled)
  • Payments you add to invoices
  • Payments you remove from invoices
  • Customer names

Please note: Only the invoices and payments you create - or update - after connecting to your Xero account will be sent to Xero and kept in-sync. Invoices you've previously created will not be synced to QuickBooks automatically. If you need previous invoices synced to QuickBooks, reach out and we'd be happy to help.

From YourTradebase to QuickBooks

Invoice and payment information is only sent to QuickBooks: it's a one way sync. YourTradebase does not receive any updates to invoices you make directly in QuickBooks.

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