Team notifications

Choose which members of your team receive notifications when certain things happen.

What notifications do we send?

We send notifications when these things happen:

  • When a quote is accepted
  • When a message about a quote is received
  • When an online payment is received
  • When a message about an invoice or receipt is received
  • When a message about a job or event is received
  • When a message from a customer is received
  • When a field team member uploads a file to a job sheet
  • When a field team member adds a note to a job sheet

Want to be notified about something else? Let us know!

Account owners can choose which member of your team receives each type of notification.

Choosing who receives notifications

You'll find a list of all notifications by visiting Settings > Notifications.

Notifications are only available once you've started adding team members to your account.

You can choose who receives each notification by selecting the edit button to reveal a list of your team. Only account owners and admins can receive these notifications.

Toggle ON or OFF for each team member to choose whether they receive the notification or not, and then select Save changes when you're done.

Only account owners can choose who receives notifications.

Notification types (email vs in-app)

There are two types of notifications we send.

  • Email notifications are sent to team member(s) as email messages.
  • In-app notifications are shown within YourTradebase on web and mobile. The notification bell icon – at the top-right of your screen – will show a red dot and be ringing when you have an in-app notification to read.

Default notifications

You'll see that most notifications are sent to certain team members by default. 

This is to make sure that at least one member of your team is always notified when something important happens.

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