Adding team members to your account

Add your team members to allow them to manage jobs and create paperwork or see work that has been assigned to them.

Types of team members

You can add two types of team members in YourTradebase:

  • Admin team members, and
  • Field team member.

Admins can create, view and manage everything in your account - perfect for office staff or for a sales team on the road.

Field staff can only view their work schedule and job sheets that have been assigned to - perfect if you have engineers, technicians or staff who need to see their workload, but don’t need to see any prices or create any paperwork. 

How to invite new team members

You can add new members to your team by inviting them using their email address.

To invite a new team member:

  1. Visit ‘Manage team‘ from the settings menu.
  2. Click ‘Add a new Team member
  3. Enter their full name and email address 
  4. Select whether to add this team member as an admin team or field team
  5. Choose whether to send them an invite – you can do this later if you prefer
  6. Click the green ‘Add new team member‘ button

If you choose to send an invite to your team member, they will be asked to choose their own password when they follow the invite link for the first time.

If you don’t choose to send them an invite right away, you can do so later by clicking ‘send invite’ next to their name from your manage team page.

Once you’ve sent an invite to a new team member, they can follow the link in their email invitation and access your company account straight away.

Re-send invitations and reset passwords

Once you’ve invited a team member to your company account, they will appear in your team directory.

To access your team directory, visit ‘ Manage team‘ within your settings.

From your team directory, you can choose to:

  1. Send or Re-send an invite email.
  2. Send a reset password email (this allows your team member to choose a new password for their account).

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