The status of your jobs

There are several statuses for jobs in YourTradebase:

Managing your jobs status helps you keep track of which jobs need your attention, and allows you to keep an accurate view of what work you’re hoping to win, what work is in progress and what work has been completed and fully paid.

A record of all your jobs will be kept, and can be accessed in the ‘ Jobs‘ section of YourTradeBase.

What do the different job statuses mean?

Here’s when you should use the various job statuses:

Possible jobs

Possible jobs are jobs you’re hoping to win.

Whenever you create a new quote in YourTradeBase, a possible job is created at the same time.

Possible jobs can be marked as won or lost.

Won jobs

Create a won job – or mark a job as won – once your customer has agreed to go ahead with the work.

Won jobs have several statuses, depending on whether work has been scheduled:

  • Unscheduled – no work has been scheduled for this job.
  • Upcoming – work has been scheduled and starts in the future.
  • Started – work has been scheduled and started in the past. You can manually mark won jobs as started if you choose not to schedule work.
  • Done – work has been finished. Mark a job as done when all work has been completed and you’re just waiting for final tweaks or payment.

Completed jobs

Mark jobs as completed once you’ve finished all work and received all payments for the job.

Lost jobs

If the customer chooses not to go ahead with your work, you can mark the job as lost.

Cancelled jobs

If the customer changes their mind and chooses not to go ahead with agreed work, you can mark the job as cancelled.

Held jobs

If a customer isn’t going to make a decision on a possible job for a while, or they’ve decided to postpone agreed work indefinitely, you can place the job in hold.

Held jobs won’t appear in your ‘Jobs in progress’, but will keep all the details and information you entered safe for the future.

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