Customise your job sheets

Job sheets are designed for:

Field staff - to inform the field team about the job and what work needs to be done 

Customers - to obtain a sign off for the work

Job sheets can be customised to show as much or as little information felt necessary.  They combine the accepted quote items along with any notes and contacts details. 

Viewing a job sheet

Job sheets can be accessed by:

  1. Visiting a job
  2. Select the ‘work details‘ tab
  3. Select the ‘view job sheet‘ button

Customise your job sheet

Before customisation, your job sheet will show ALL information from the project including the customer details, work items, their descriptions and any notes you have added. 

Clicking ‘ customise‘  on the right hand side of the page gives you options to change what’s displayed on your job sheet.

Your customisation panel will appear above the job sheet.  Work through the tabs across the top of the panel to select the options you would like the job sheet to display.  

Clicking on the tick will turn the options on/off (green means on)

Your job sheet will update immediately meaning that you can see the results in real time .  Once you are happy select the X in the top right.  Changes are saved as default and applied to all job sheets you create in the future.

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