What can field team members view?

Field team members have limited permissions and can only see work you’ve assigned to them. 

What can field team member view when they log in or open their app? 

Great question!  When a field team member opens their app their home page will be their schedule -  but  only if they have been assigned to the work:

It is important to note that they will not be able to see any other field team members schedule.

Here's an example of that homepage:

 Field team can view their schedule appointment

Selecting the schedule appointment will reveal the original booking screen including any notes that have been made.

Map will take them to google maps and give them the option on directions to the site. 

Clicking ‘ view job‘ shows them more detail about the work date or appointment

Actions does not currently have any active feature for the field team.  It will list and edit or delete button but selecting them will show the field team member they do not have permissions

Field team can view their job sheets

Field team are able to view job sheets  only for work that has been assigned to them.  To do this they can select the View job button from the booking screen above

Job sheets can be customised to show only the information you would like the team and your customer too see

Here's what a job sheet looks like:

Field team members can add notes from site as well as any photographs they have taken.

There is also the facility for them to get a customer signature before leaving site to confirm the work has been completed

Signatures can be signed on any smart phone by the customer

For more information on Job sheets and how to customise them click here

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