Set up your Xero connection

Change the settings of your Xero connection so that invoices, payments and tax rates are synced to the correct Xero settings. You can make changes to your Xero settings from Settings > Connect to Xero > Make changes to your Xero settings.

Choose your Xero account for invoices

To make sure we're sending invoices to the correct account, choose which account code invoices should be mapped to in Xero.

Xero only allows us to connect to account codes of type REVENUE, and you'll see those listed.

Select the one you need and click 'Save these Xero settings' at the bottom of the screen. 

Choose your Xero account for payments

When you create a payment in YourTradebase, we'll send it to the correct account type for transactions in Xero. Just let us know which account type you want these payments mapped to, and click 'Save these Xero settings' when you're done.

Choose your Xero tax rates

Make sure your tax rates in YourTradebase correctly map to your Xero tax rates, by choosing which tax rates you want us to sync to in Xero. We'll try and choose the obvious options by default, but you're free to change them as you need - just click 'Save these Xero settings' when you're done.

If you add new tax rates to YourTradebase in the future, you'll need to head back here to your settings and choose where to map the new tax rate to.

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