Syncing payments to Xero

Once you've  connected to Xero, we'll keep your invoices from YourTradebase in-sync with your Xero account.

Sending payments to Xero

When you add a payment to a sent invoice in YourTradebase, we'll sync that same payment to the relevant invoice in Xero. Here's how it works:

  1. Payments can only be added to a sent invoice in YourTradebase and Xero, so make sure you're working with a sent invoice.
  2. Add a payment to your invoice
  3. That amount will show up on the invoice in YourTradebase...
  4. ... and on your invoice in Xero

Removing payments

Made a mistake with your payments? Worry not - just click 'Remove' next to the payment in YourTradebase and we'll remove the same payment from Xero for you.

Marking invoices as fully paid

When you mark an invoice as fully paid in YourTradebase (from 'Actions > Mark as fully paid'), we'll update Xero, too. The full payment will be added and the invoice will be marked as paid. And you're all done!

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