Taking card payments online

Once you've connected your account to Stripe, you're ready to start getting paid online.

Letting a customer pay their invoice by card

You can choose whether or not to accept online card payments for that invoice.  

When you send an invoice, select Pay this invoice online to allow customers to pay securely by card:
The email will then include a button inviting them to view and pay their invoice:

When your customer views their invoice online, they'll see a  pay now button. That takes them to a payment form where they can securely enter their credit or debit card details.

Switching pay online ON or OFF

You can toggle a customers ability to pay an invoice online by visiting an invoice you've sent. You can switch on payments on or off at anytime. 
If online payment is switched on, you can't make any edits or change your invoice.

Getting paid

Any payment made by a customer is immediately sent to your Stripe account, where Stripe deducts a fee from the payment amount. Learn more about Stripe fees. You can view your payments by logging in to your Stripe dashboard.

Payments to UK bank accounts are completed by Stripe in 7 business days.

We'll send you an email and in-app notification letting you know you've received a payment, and mark as paid and a thank you displayed to your customer.

Online payments are available for UK, US, Australian and Canadian customers.

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