Add {{quote_valid_until}} tag to email template

Let's show you how to add the 'Valid until' dates, that you've set in your quotation, into your email quote template using the template tag.   

Tags allow you to insert dynamic content into your email templates allowing you to personalise your email with relevant content or data.  Its saves you times, saves you from typing and lets you easily personalise each email you send. 

The 'Valid until' box on your quotes is new to YourTradebase (released 10.07.23). Since your account is already set up, you have more than likely, already personalised your email templates.  Rather than us change the template for everyone across the board and you loose any pre-saved email, we want to show you how to add the tag into your already created template.   

In the words of Montel Jordan - This is how we do it:

  1. Head over to settings 
  2. Select Email templates from the list
  3. Find your quotation template - New quote template
  4. Hit the Edit button on the right hand side 
  5. Add your preferred sentence into the quote and include the tag {{quote_valid_until}}.  
  6. Once You are happy with the way this looks scroll to the bottom and select the green button Save template

All done!  

You can read more about tags here:

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